The Ice Hockey Club at University of South Carolina is organized and comprised of full-time students at USC. Each semester, the club hosts open tryouts where all students are encouraged to attend. During the first week of classes, the University organizes a club fair in front of the Russell House where representatives of the ice hockey club are available to answer questions. Typically, the team has an information session that evening and the first practice is scheduled for the following week.

Our home rink is located in Irmo which is approximately 15-20 minutes from campus. IcePLEX Irmo provides an outstanding place for the USC Ice Hockey Club to call home. Members of the team arrange carpools to and from the arena so transportation is not an issue if you do not have a vehicle.

Since 2006-07 the Gamecocks have been members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA – www.achahockey.org) and are included in Division 3 South Region Rankings. As such, all players are required to maintain minimum GPA while passing as least 9 credit hours per semester. In addition, the Gamecocks are members of the SouthEastern Collegiate Hockey Conference (SECHC) which culminates in a conference championship. A season typically consists of 20-25 games which includes annual games against conference rivals Georgia, Tennessee and Florida and USC’s most intense rivals – Clemson. Each season the team schedules 4-5 weekend road trips requiring 1-2 nights in a hotel room. Due to the interest in attending all USC football games, we develop a schedule each season so all players are able to attend games, and we tend to schedule games on the road when the football team is playing at the same university.

Although the team receives financial support annually from USC Club Sports and some additional support from the community, the bulk of the cost is the responsibility of the team members. Through sponsorships, fundraising, merchandise sales and gate receipts, the club is able to offset some additional expenses. Each player can expect to pay between $300-400 per semester depending on the success of various fundraising attempts. In addition, some seasons dictate that the club purchases new equipment, uniforms, or other items in an attempt to increase the probability of success. During these seasons, the team may have to raise additional funds or increase the dues for each player. However, the financial obligations are made clear before each semester.

Playing hockey for the University of South Carolina is an excellent chance to compete in the greatest game in the world. Being part of this club allows you to meet new people and to be a part of a team. Also, because it is run by students, there are plenty of opportunities available to gain experience in management, budgeting, organization and leadership. Each season is unique and is largely dependent on the members of the team. We are actively seeking individuals who genuinely enjoy playing the game of hockey and are interested in representing the University of South Carolina regionally and nationally. If you are interested in playing hockey for USC, or have additional questions, please feel free to contact the club at uschockeyclub@yahoo.com.

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